Classic literature.

Classic literature – the exemplary, most valuable in terms of ideological and artistic literature of past and present. Writer-classic – is a writer who created the books that are full of progressive ideas of his time, committed in artistic terms, the books that received national recognition. The main artistic images of works of classical literature become common nouns, and remain forever in the popular mind as examples of art craftsmanship.

Impeccably correct (though at times and outdated) language, interesting stories, profound philosophical problems, issues that for centuries have tried to unravel the best minds of humanity – all this, and more, readers will find in the works of the classics. This literature makes you think, to experience, to search for the answers to these questions. It improves the readers, contributes to their intellectual development, makes them better.

In addition, it is in the classical works can be found many similarities with today’s realities. After all, the classic literature describes the general, universal laws of life and human relations. Therefore, the modern reader, taking the classic book of the 19th century, often find answers to his questions, questions of his family and friends. This is despite all the differences of times and striking achievements of scientific and technical progress.

Reading of classic literature also teaches how to express yourself in real-life situations, how to express your emotions, how to deal with the role chosen by yourself.
In fact, classical literature teaches us to play drama, tragedy and comedy of life, turning “the prose of life” in poetry.

The benefits of reading.

The reading of books does not pass without leaving a trace. After reading of an excellent book, the reader again and again will search a good book.

During the reading of imaginative literature, people mentally are transported into the world described in the book. An interesting book is so addictive that the reader begins to put myself in protagonist\\\’s place, live every moment in the new world. None of the movie will not be able to transfer those images that occur in a person who reading a book, as each has his own perceptions of beauty, feelings, ideals, and the book allows you to imagine a picture as you want.

Sometimes, reading a book with an interesting denouement, you can walk under the influence of a few days, as if you had lived the life of a hero.
Imaginative literature teaches us to love, empathize and respect, perform feats and strive for the goal.

While reading of methodical books or encyclopedias, a person learns a lot of new and develops. It is hard to imagine the scope of education, if there were no books. They carry with them the whole history, technologies for various productions, rules of etiquette, different sciences, and much more.
Man elementary could not even cook his own dinner, if there were no recipes from books.

During life, we learn something new, and the book – it is help from our ancestors, the whole experience of humanity, because they were written specifically for us to make our lives easier.
In addition to the above stated, the books affect the competent speech and spelling. The reader subconsciously remembers the words and their correct spelling. People who do not read books – illiterate, they are simply uninteresting, so I believe that the more books you have read the better for you.